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Residential Cleaning Services

Welcome to Imperial Cleaning. We are a residential and commercial, dazzling cleaning company and we will make your home sparkle, while leaving you with that extra time to relax. Keep your home clean and tidy with just a few hours of cleaning, from our service.

As a locally owned, licensed and insured cleaning company, we’ve been serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, for many years and you can trust Imperial Cleaning with your biggest investment – your home. We have earned a reputation for quality and professional residential cleaning services for reliability and the highest quality service possible. We are about providing thorough clean and consistency as requested to our customers specifications. At Imperial Cleaning we respect our customers, their homes and their time.

Our clients love our hard working, meticulous, timely and dependable service. Give us the opportunity to make life easier for you and your family. After all, house cleaning responsibilities should never get in the way of finding time for the people and activities you love. From a one time cleaning arrangement to regular scheduled service, our goal is to make you a lifetime customer and you can take back some of your precious free time. We clean your home, like it’s our own.

Effective House Cleaning Tips

While housekeeping requires some time and labor, it’s not really as difficult as many of us believe. We all enjoy living in a clean and well kept house, but we don’t particularly enjoy the cleaning chores. Maintaining a clean house is more about following a set plan and repeating them methodically. The more you stick to your plan, the more bright and refreshing your home will become.

Most people are not fully aware of the regime they should follow for cleaning in Toronto and as a result, cannot decide on whether to vacuum or dust first. On the other hand, there are some who keep cleaning chores for the weekend and therefore accumulate a lot of work. Sometimes, small changes in your routine can help keep your house remain consistently clean.

Lastly, you can hire Imperial Cleaning in Toronto for the job from time-to-time and see the difference. We will not only deep clean your house, but also disinfect it and save you from disease-causing bacteria and insects.

Imperial Cleaning is pleased to provide you with some effective house cleaning tips, which will help you save your time and clean your house, fast.

Create an Efficient Cleaning Strategy

It is imperative to create a plan before you start with the house cleaning. It is much easier and efficient to select a task such as vacuuming, dusting, or mopping and undertake the same function in all the rooms of the house. The common mistake people make is to opt for what we refer to as “zone cleaning”, which means cleaning one room thoroughly and then move to another one. In this fashion, you will feel exhausted and de-motivated as you find yourself stuck in an unending cleaning process.

Gather all your Cleaning Supplies

Keeping all of your supplies and equipment, easily accessible, is very important. Gather all of your cleaning supplies and keep them in a caddy or a bucket, whichever you feel will be easy to carry and more comfortable to handle, while you perform your cleaning tasks.

You can save a lot of time, which otherwise goes waste in looking for the cleaning tools while performing the job.

Clear the Rooms of Clutter

Prior to starting any cleaning, be sure to check each room and pick up all the items laying randomly here and there. These items may include clothing, shoes, sports good, magazines, etc. Clearing the rooms of items will give you space for movement and less distraction while cleaning.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between sorting and clearing clutter. If you engage yourself in sorting this confusion, you may never complete your work. Fix a place where you can keep all these things and address them at a later time.

North York Cleaning Services

When you require an experienced and trustworthy company to clean your home or business, you need to look no further than Imperial Cleaning. We are your trustworthy source for bringing home and business owners quality cleaning service in North York and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to click below to learn more.

North York Cleaning

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Start Dusting

  • Always dust from the top down. Following this, you will ensure that nothing is left out and dust doesn’t settle on already cleaned items or shelving.
  • Microfiber cloths are great for removing dust from household items and will not affect the air quality in your home.
  • Pay close attention to the tops of furniture, handrails, underneath shelves, picture frames, etc.
  • For the removal of cobwebs, use dampened cloth tied on the end of a long stick or a mop
  • For blinds, close them one way and dust them. Repeat this process on the opposite side.
  • For maps, remove the shade and dust well. Additionally, use a vacuum if you wish. Clean the base of the lamp and stand or the table used to keep it on.
  • Cotton clothes are ideal for TV Screens, computer monitors and other glass surfaces.
  • To get rid of any fingerprints or any other marks, dampen the microfiber cloth in warm water and clean the area. You can also use soft cleaners for this.

Clean Bathrooms and Kitchen

Cleaning bathrooms and kitchens is a fairly straight-forward process. Use eco-friendly cleaners in the kitchen sink, bathroom toilets and skink. Allow cleaning agents a few minutes to do some of the work for you. Begin scrubbing sinks, shelves, microwaves and all the cabinet doors. Don’t forget the garbage bin as it is home for bacteria and germs. Coming to the bathroom start with shelves, then turn to the tubs and shower. You can scrub them using a sponge.

Move on to the toilet and don’t forget the rubber gloves. A little bleach can disinfect toilets and toilet seats. Keep the floor for last and clean it using a mop or an old rag.


Use a powerful vacuum cleaner to clean your floor, carpet and upholstery. Start with the bedrooms, then the iving room. Keep moving around the house and clean every inch. Be sure to use corner attachments first and clean corners and edges.

Wash Your Cleainng Tools

Just as important as results are your cleaning tools. Be sure to clean and sanitize each of your cleaning tools and as an unkempt mop or vacuum not give you the desired results, next time.

Hire Imperial Cleaning

If you don’t wish to perform any of this yourself, you can appoint a professional cleaning company like Imperial Cleaning for the job. We will be pleased to give your house a cleaning and make it sparkle, freeing up your time for other activities.

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